8 Great Bonnie and Camille Quilts

I have been in love with Bonnie and Camille since the very beginning. I have been purchasing their lines since day one and still have a stash of fabric from their original line that I just can’t cut. Check out these 8 irresistible quilts that are using the Bonnie and Camille fabrics.

Our first Quilt that we chose is called Lollies by Camille herself. She made this quilt from their Hello Darling fabric and I have been staring at this gorgeous quilt for years. Need fabric for this line? Go HERE. Need to buy the pattern? Go HERE.

For our second quilt be go back to several years ago when I had four very small children and all I wanted to do was made a Spell it with Moda quilt for them. Just like many moms out there I did not have enough time and was never able to make this quilt. I still have a few scraps from Daysail hidden in my secret stash just in case I feel like making this quilt one day. Go HERE to learn more about this quilt.

Want another pattern using Daysail fabric? Go HERE.

Looking for a quilt with TONS of color? Go HERE.

Looking for the perfect baby quilt? Go HERE.

This quilt holds a special place in my heart. I did not use Bonnie and Camille fabric but I did use this very pattern to make my Christmas quilt and I LOVE IT!!! It is so easy to make. Wondering what fabrics were used? It was Bonnie and Camille Marmalade. Go HERE to learn more.

Need another baby quilt or another idea using Marmalade fabrics? Go HERE.

Maybe you can’t pick which quilt will work best for you and you just need a wall of mini’s. Go HERE to shop for your mini quilt pattern.

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